What is your style?

My approach to Wedding is video-journalist, also know as reportage. The reportage is marked by a more spontaneo kind of shot, in which the videographer doesn’t ask the bride and groom to pose but utilize the videographic media for making a report of the wedding, while allowing them the freedom to live such a special event without any further pression. Moreover, I believe that from the artistic point of view it may be interest to enrich the wedding reportage by video shoot of the couple, which of course are to be not banal, but always natural and elegant.

How far is the event covered?

The event is covered totally. We start with the dressing, them the ceremony and some creative video shoot of the couple till the end of the reception, where I shall be present up to the cut of the cut of the wedding cake.

How many videographers will be present the wedding day?

The wedding day we are always two, one videographer and one video assistant. In this way, we can have ever different points of view not to concentrate on bride and groom only, but also on invitees and on others important details.

How will be delivered the wedding film?

The wedding film will be delivered in a USB PEN in which will be also present the special contents: the most important live moments of the wedding and for the couple.

Waiting time? 

My work don’t finish the day of the wedding, but only first part of the work had finished. The video editing take a lot of time, because I always do it personally, without charging anybody else to do it on my behalf. I usually deliver the film within 6 months from the wedding day.

How long before should I reserve the video service?  

For the weddings on Saturday or Sunday it is strongly advisable to reserve at last one years before. For the other weekdays it is possible to reserve some time later. All in all, the golden rule about reserving is: the sooner the better! Anyway, if the date of the wedding is approaching, it is always possible to check a last minute available by sending a mail or calling. There is no charge with at least trying!

How can I ask a quote? 

If you interested in a quote, you can send me an email in which to write some information on your wedding: date, timetables, location, ecc. In this way I’ll can send you a custom quote. You can write to: info@lambertopizzutelli.com or you can compile the form that you can find in the section contact of the web site.

Where do you work?

I’m based in Rome, but I work in all over Italy and if request also abroad.