My name is Lamberto Pizzutelli and I am an Italian videographer based in Rome, available to operate throughout Italy and Europe. Before being a film-maker I define myself as a great cinema lover. This unstoppable passion of mine led me at the age of 18 to know all the fundamental steps to create a cinematographic work, specializing in shooting and editing.

Since 2002, after gaining experience in commercial work, I have approached the wedding sector: my videos tell, through images, a unique and compelling love story. My reportage style and discreet attitude make me invisible to guests while I capture the feelings, emotions and atmosphere of that day, highlighting the beauty of the details.

I love shooting with natural light and I pay particular attention to the photographic composition of the frame, using various stabilization systems to ensure that the images are fluid and dynamic. Particular attention is paid to the sound, which is always different for each film, creating a perfect mix between the natural sounds captured during shooting and the chosen music. The color that will improve the image by correcting the color in post production is fundamental.

Being an extremely sensitive person, in my videos I always try to capture the smiles, emotions and joys that emerge on that day, for memories that will live on forever. I like, from the first date, to enter into symbiosis with the couple of future spouses, to try to understand their needs and preferences, so that the film talks about them and never disappoints initial expectations.

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